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The view from outside

by Alioscha on June 28, 2014

Or The Alienation of Our Mourning There is a lie, a deceit perpetrated on our minds by our culture of visual images; of movies and TV as narrators of our reality, which affects our expectations about loving, relating to each other, working together and even, finally, even grieving. The paradigm of our modern and stylized […]


Post-Modernism Premature Post-Mortem

by Alioscha on September 27, 2012

My readings as of late have convinced me of this: behind the post-modernist love of ambiguity lies the post-modernist fear of commitment. It’s sad that so many talented writers, able to craft truly rounded characters and rich situations, capable of profound observations about the very nature of our relationship to the world, to memory, to […]



by Alioscha on August 1, 2012

how far we are from who we were…! we stretch our arms and we can touch our wives, our parents, our children yet there is nothing that can breach the inmense abbyss that keeps us from ourselves



by Alioscha on July 28, 2012

For in order to ask I would need to speak, I stay sealed in silence by pain and fear You don’t see me alone or realize I am lonely My silence grows heavy, an anchor tied to my lips


Heller re-read. Again.

by Alioscha on May 25, 2012

Every ten years or thereabouts I re-read Catch 22. It is not something I plan ahead, it is just something towards which I gravitate naturally, almost by default. Each time I do, the book changes for me. Just as it changes as you read it, it does with each cycle within readings. As we travel […]