Cheshire Cat

Like a Cheshire Cat, I waltzed into your life: all smile and very little substance You did not reject, flee, or retreat Instead you taught me You said “I believe in you” I said “Thanks” – slowly materializing…

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how far we are from who we were…!

we stretch our arms and we can touch
our wives, our parents, our children

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Night Train

This train rode only at night
It had no windows and it had no doors
No other load than the dreams of passengers
it never carried in it’s darkened hull

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I wait for you to save me
but it is all in vain
You gaze upon the waters
ignoring my outstretched hand

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Our Celluloid Life

I like the part where we meet: so funny and yet so full of romance; although I am not crazy about all the coming and goings until we finally get together – all the little bits that showcase our fierce rivalry and one-upmanship that suddenly evaporates into naught when love comes to ring the bell […]