A one hand man…

by Alioscha on March 21, 2007

I cut myself with a skill-saw. I nearly severed my middle finger in the left hand, bad enough that needed micro-surgery to repair it. Luckily – or rather thanks to the skill of my surgeon – I will be fine and my hand will boast a full set of digits. Nevertheless, this will set me […]


A tiny step for (a) man …

by Alioscha on February 25, 2007

… an even tinier step for a blogger: I finally uploaded my “Paleontolomía” page. It should have taken me two hours and it ended up taken over 3 months!However, I will fight on and continue the improvements on mi literature site – it’s a promise. In the meantime, I leave you all in good health […]


Volaverunt Launch

by Alioscha on November 3, 2006

Well, finally I went live with the latest release of the volaverunt.net website! As we speak I am working in some additions: a “Paleontolomía” page that will contain scans of my very-very-very early works (primary school and earlier) a “Los Míos” page that will provide news and insight into the creative activities of mine beloved a […]